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KUWAIT CITY: The Iraqi Civil Aviation Authority (ICAA) has entrusted National Aviation Services (NAS) to upgrade and operate passenger-handling services and processes at  Baghdad International Airport.

NAS will extend its expertise and resources at the Babylon and Samara passenger terminals as well as the international transit halls.

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NAS will also be responsible for the refurbishment and upgrade of infrastructure and facilities, installation of new equipment and implementation of all required technology solutions at the two terminals.

NAS Group CEO Hassan El Houry said: “As Baghdad International Airport is the main international gateway for Iraq and the Middle East, this cooperation is key to the development of the Iraqi aviation industry and growth of the local economy.”

He added: “We are committed to investing not only into physical resources and technology but also into the recruitment and training of local talent. We aim to utilise our experience and expertise to bring world-class services and infrastructure to Baghdad International Airport by introducing global standards with local understanding.”

Exclusive passenger handling services provider

The two terminals serve all major airlines flying in and out of the country, making NAS the exclusive passenger handling services provider for all international flights.

Baghdad International Airport reopened in July 2020, following a four-month suspension of flights due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

The upgraded infrastructure, facilities and technology will contribute heavily to these airline operations, including automated passenger departure systems, enhanced safety and security, productivity and on-time performance (OTP).

El Houry said: “With the pandemic introducing new elements to the passenger experience, shorter queues and faster airport processes are essential.”

He added: “As a leading provider of airport and aviation services, we recognize our duty to ensure efficient and effortless travel for passengers as NAS will offer a variety of services such as wireless check-in and boarding devices, lost luggage tracking, meet and assist, etc. to ensure an enhanced passenger experience with the highest levels of safety.”