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AN elected Shura Council, which we all have been looking forward to, is a reality now in Qatar. As the elected members start their work, it’s important to look at the members who have been elected.

The members of the Shura Council can be divided into four categories:

The first category: They were previously holders of major government positions.
Second category: Members who are currently in high positions.
Third category: Members of the former Shura Council.
Fourth category: Members with ordinary and medium positions and modest experience.

I think that the first type, former holders of major government positions, have utilized and exhausted all their energy and experience in their previous positions as part of the government. I do not say that they have nothing new to offer, but their performance will be influenced and even dominated by the mentality of the government work they used to do, which is completely incompatible with the demands, requirements and mentality of the Shura Council.  Shura Council positions are full-time job as is the case in most countries.

As for the second category of members, who are currently holders of high positions in government or business, they are likely to lose the career path they have been following when they return to it after their membership in the Council. Since most of them are still young and high performers, the society will be losing their talent and services when they join Shura Council.

The third category must have performed well when they were members of previous Shura Councils or other bodies. However, we cannot judge because we do not have evidence their performance, or whether they will perform well this time, too.

As for the fourth type of members, they are from the middle-ranking positions. There is a great potential and a great opportunity for optimism that we are facing here if the members have been selected based on their ability and not social position. 

I hope principles and innovation will prevail over tradition. The Shura Council has a great task ahead in the process of modernizing and developing it and expanding the scope of freedom in it.

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