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TODAY WILL go down as one of the saddest days in modern history. As the world watches in horror, the Taliban are finally walking into Kabul to write the final chapter in their conquest. It’s shocking how easily an entire country has fallen; it’s shocking how easily Afghan forces have given up without a fight; and it’s shocking how the entire world is looking away.

Look at the horror on the faces of ordinary Afghans, especially women and children, whose lives have been destroyed. Millions of them. Taliban terror has again begun to fill our screens. The other day, I couldn’t fight back my tears as I watched the viral video of a famous Afghan comedian, Fazal Mohammad, being slapped and executed by the Taliban.

The Taliban have started.

And, who is responsible for this mayhem, barbarity, and collapse of a country which we thought would be rehabilitated? America.

The US alone is single-handedly responsible for playing dirty games and destroying a country and the lives of millions of people, and must be held accountable for its misdeeds. After Iraq, now comes Afghanistan, and the ease and absolute abandon with which the President Joe Biden is walking out of the mess which he and his predecessors have created should make all Americans hang their heads in shame.

And, in the same way we want accountability from Taliban, we must demand answers from Washington for playing chess with the fate of an entire nation.

It’s unthinkable that Taliban fighters are able to walk into Kabul as if it’s a fashion show. What about the millions of dollars spent on training Afghan forces against Taliban? What about the years of training? What about the sophisticated weapons? What about the grandiose promises and philosophical discourses about freedom, democracy and values?

Last week, Biden told Afghans it was their country and if they want it, they have to fight for it. He is realising this after 20 years, after spending more than $1 trillion there, after sacrificing the lives of more than 2,400 American soldiers and the lives of hundreds of thousands of innocent Afghans.

It’s shameful that his men are sitting in Doha and talking to the Taliban, the same Taliban they are running away from in Kabul.

In the coming weeks, months, and perhaps years, our peace is going to be destroyed by the cruelty of the Taliban, especially of Muslims. Every Muslim in this world will be asked to explain every barbaric act of Taliban, and again explain Islam to them, and again feel disappointed and disheartened at how they are being dragged into all this.

At the same time, terrorists will celebrate. Will we see the rise of Al Qaeda and the Islamic State? Will we see the birth of another Osama bin Laden? Terrorists now have a new training ground, or an old training ground regained. Biden and his team have constructed a new highway to Kabul for terrorists from all over the world.

Washington must stop playing with lives of people in our region. Syria, Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan – this will continue. America will continue to find new battlefields to use its war machines worth trillions of dollars. Wars are trillion-dollar businesses. And, this money is going into the pockets of corrupt politicians, contractors and middlemen.

It’s said that corruption ate up plenty of funds in Afghanistan. But the real corruption is happening in Washington, not Kabul. If it’s Americans’ money, they know how to spend it; and they know where it’s being spent, and where it’s going and ending up.

The US must change for peace to prevail in this world. It should stop creating Iraq and Afghanistan. It should stop giving a free hand to Taliban.

It’s the duty of every American to fight for change.

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