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DOHA: Dr Deepika has been selected as the Blogger of the Month for October by The Doha Globe for her article titled ‘Bridge to Terabithia! Do you have one?

The award, which carries a cash prize of QR1,000, is given every month for an insightful write-up which attracts the maximum number of readers, published in the Reader’s Blog section of The Doha Globe.

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Deepika is an English teacher at DPS-MIS School in Doha.

“I am immensely happy. This motivates me to write more,” she said. “The topic was chosen to help bridge the gap between parents and teenagers in these tough times. Today’s teenagers, though provided with everything in life, feel hollow from within when it comes to emotional strength.”

The article was an attempt to make kids realise that emotional strength can be gained from parents and hence it is important to work on the existing bond between the two.

The Reader’s Blog was launched in October to provide an opportunity for readers to share their views and experiences on a wide range of subjects.

The writer of an incisive and insightful article that attracts the maximum number of views is selected as the Blogger of the Month.

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