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DOHA: The Mindtune Ecowaves Society, a global NGO dedicated to purifying minds and beautifying nature, joined the One Million Tree planting initiative of the government of Qatar by planting 15 desert trees on the occasion of World Environment Day. 

Eman Ahmed Al Kuwari, Ali Taleb Al Hanzab and Dr. Hail Wael joined the Society as special guests on the occasion and  offered all support and patronage to the programme. 

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Mashood Thiruthiyad, global Secretary-General of the Society, expressed the organisation’s gratitude to the concerned departments for including it in the One Million Tree planting initiative. The event was coordinated by Qatar Commune Sec. General Abdulla Poyil.

The event was attended by Dr Amanulla Vadakkangara (Global Chairman), Usman Kallan (Chief Patron-Qatar Commune), Abdul Rauf Kondotty (Sec-Finance Global Commune), Jafar Murchandy (Chairman Qatar Commune), Muthaleeb Mattannur (Vice-Chairman Qatar Commune), Rajesh VC, Dr Prathibha Ratheesh, Raheem Panoor, Rasiya Usman, M K Muneer and Saeed Salman.

The Society took a pledge renewing their commitment to protect the environment in the most desired ways.