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DOHA: Pakistan Arts Society-Qatar (PAS) in collaboration with Pak Shamaa School and College (PSS) recently organised a professional training session titled ‘Stress Management’ for school faculty and management staff.

The session was conducted by well-known motivational speaker and soft skills trainer Malik Nasir Nawaz.

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During the session, Nawaz used real life scenarios and examples to explain the root cause of stress in our daily lives. The trainer also provided solutions for combating stress and revealed the techniques to deal with stressful situations.

The highlight of the talk was the insights provided by Nawaz on how to achieve work–life-balance, which he explained, can be achieved by adopting these stress-coping measures.. Almost everyone shared their life experiences of stress and asked the trainer for stress management solutions for their specific issues.

Answering a question about how to handle stress, Nawaz’s advice was to stop thinking about what happened in the past. He said: “Don’t carry mishaps, accidents or bitter experiences that happened in your life. It’s over. You cannot reverse your decisions which went negative or wrong. Move on with your life with a positive approach and chin up all the time.”

Impact of catastrophes

In response to a remark about the impact of the catastrophes happening around us, Nawaz noted: “Thinking too much about these issues is a cause of needless stress. To avoid wastage of time and energy, one should focus on the situations which are in one’s control and one can change towards positivity.”

PAS President Muhammad Abrar Hussain welcomed the audience.
PSS Principal Nabeela Kaukab stressed the deep care towards the physical as well as psychological health issues of their staff in the Covid-19 circumstances.

She welcomed the guest speaker and thanked PAS for their continued contribution towards community.