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DOHA: Abdul Wahab Saqafi, a contestant from Qatar, has won the first prize in the Gulf region in an essay competition organised by ICF, an organisation of Keralite expats in the Gulf.

The essay competition was on the topic ‘Expat life after Covid-19: Hopes and Challenges’. Jafar Kannapuram from the UAE and Qamar Banu Salam from Saudi Arabia shared the second prize and the third prize was won by Abdul Rasheed Thennala from Bahrain.

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Adv. P T A Raheem MLA declared the names of the winners at an online Meelad Announcement function organised by the Gulf Council.

ICF Gulf Council President Syed Attakkoya Thangal presided over the function. Syed Habeeb Koya Thangal, Mampad Abdul Azeez Saqafi, Shareef Karasseri and M C Abdul Kareem attended the function.

Around 300 people from all the six Gulf countries participated in the competition.

ICF Gulf Council congratulated all the winnners.