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DOHA: The Area 6 Toastmasters of Division B, District 116, held their first confluence meeting of 2020-’21 through Zoom app on 13 November.

Area Confluence meeting is a combined meeting of all clubs in one specific area. The three Clubs – FCC Vanita Toastmasters Club, Voltas Toastmaster Club and Asdiqa’a Toastmasters – combined their efforts and resources, paving the way for the grand success of the meeting which was attended by 49 members and guests.

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The Confluence Meeting commenced with the welcome note by Sana Naseem of FCC Vanita Toastmasters Club, followed by the opening address by the Area 6 Director Aparna Ranish who invited Mallika Nair, FCC Vanita Toastmasters President; Frederick Sumallo, Voltas Toastmasters President; and Eman Salameh, VPE of Asdiqa’a Toastmasters, to open their respective club meetings.

The meeting was carried forward by Priyanka Rajan on the theme ‘Socially Unsocial’. The keynote speaker, District Program Quality Director, Manzoor Moideen, DTM, enlightened the attendees on the topic ‘Change starts with me’.

Prepared Speech session, Creative Table topics, engaging the audience, by Shoyeb Darwe and a skillful general evaluation by Eman Salameh were the other highlights of meeting.

District 116 Director Thayalan, DTM, addressed the meeting enthusiastically and released the second newsletter of FCC Vanita Toastmasters Club, ‘Ithal’, the editor of which was Anu Pumalkumar.

The meeting was graced by the presence of several dignitaries including District Club Growth Director Rajesh VC, DTM, Division B Director Riana Pinto, DTM, Division B Asst. Director Anita Samanta, DTM, Past Regional Advisor Sonny Varghese, DTM, Division A Director Subair Pandavath, DTM, Division F director Anil Nair, DTM and Past District Director Rajeswar Sundaresan, DTM.

Other role players were Jinju Mathen – Timer, Rishida Mohamed – Ah Counter Nijana PP– Listener (FCC Vanita Toastmasters) and Grammarian Panchu S. (Voltas Toastmasters).

Speakers were Ameena Razeen (FCC Vanita Toastmasters) and Fathima Jazeela (Asdiqa’a Toastmasters) while evaluators were Frederick Sumallo (Voltas Toastmasters) and Ubaid Ahmad Khan (Asdiqa’a Toastmasters). Host and Co-host of the meeting were Sabeena Jaleel and Shameena Jubesh of FCC Vanita Toastmasters, respectively.

Siby Joseph, Asst. Area Director who organized the meeting, proposed the vote of thanks.