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DOHA: Graduates of the University of Engineering and Technology (UET) Rasul took a number of decisions, including to form a formal body, during their second meeting held recently,

“A large number of UET engineers are serving in different Qatari organisations for a long time but, unfortunately, we had not been able to form a proper alumni organisation until now. In light of this, we called our second meeting in order to seek views and suggestions of our colleagues,” said UET alumnus Haroon Mumtaz.

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He said a number of decisions were taken in principle during the meeting, which will lead to proper formation of the organisation. Members agreed to approach the Pakistani Embassy for formal affiliation.

Helping colleagues

While discussing the aims and objectives of the forum, those present at the meeting agreed to help their colleagues in finding suitable job opportunities.

Besides holding technical seminars to upgrade the knowledge of members, they also decided to find ways to promote Pakistani products in Qatar.

Participants at the meeting decided to arrange Umrah trips annually in the Holy Month of Ramadan for two teachers currently serving the university. The participants also decided to help members in case of any emergencies.