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DOHA: Birla Public School (BPS) observed World Environment Day 2021 on the virtual platform under the theme ‘Ecosystem Restoration’, with the goal of sensitising children about the ways to restore the ecosystem.

Students from all sections of the school witnessed the show during which they spoke about the importance of World Environment Day and the need to preserve the environment.

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Dressed in shades of green and blue, the students represented the myriad colours of Earth.

The children were informed about the importance of understanding their role in protecting the environment in ways they can.

They were briefed about the importance of reducing or limiting waste, to reuse things and materials whenever possible, to find ways to re-purpose the use of things and to recycle waste materials.

A presentation prepared by teachers stressed the importance of saving water, planting trees, taking care of animals and keeping the surroundings free of litter.

The programme also featured a documentary released by the UN and quiz competition.

The school’s vice-head girl, Shaymanti Bhowmik, rendered a song based on Do Re Me to highlight the precautions needed during the current pandemic.

BPS Principal A P Sharma and Vice-Principal Co-scholastic Rajesh Pillai praised the efforts of the members of the school’s Eco Club and encouraged them to be active environmental warriors.