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DOHA: DPS-Modern Indian School observed the World Mental Health day with an informative webinar to raise awareness of mental health issues and mobilize efforts to ingrain the students’ best practices, particularly during the present COVID-19 crisis. 

The session, conducted by DPS-MIS Counselling Department was live-streamed on Facebook and was attended by the parents and the students. Principal Asna Nafees said that the ongoing pandemic has created uncertainty and anxiety and increased the need to pay attention to mental and emotional well-being issues. 

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“DPS-MIS prioritizes the well-being of its students and leaves no stone unturned to provide them a favourable atmosphere for their development,” Nafees said.  She encouraged the attendees to overcome negativity and urged parents to help students grow spiritually and emotionally.

The resource persons DPS-MIS Counsellors Asima Iqbal Bakshi and Melbin Siji discussed ‘stress’ and the impact of the current pandemic on the students’ mental health. They shared techniques and gave practical tips to cope with stress and overcome barriers. 

They noted that following a routine, time management, prioritising nutrition, exercising and meditation, practicing and promoting hygiene, and developing a forgiving attitude would help students grow. They also added that students should avoid giving too much attention to media coverage on the current situation.