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DOHA: MES Indian School (MESIS), Abu Hamour branch, conducted an investiture ceremony for student council members for the academic year 2021–2022.

Held in line with Covid-19 protocols, the event was telecast live on Zoom. Academic supervisor Ashokan announced the names of leaders.

Principal Dr Mohamed Haneef administered the oath to the head girl, who in turn did so to the new council members.
They were conferred badges and sashes by the chief guest.

Chief guest President K Abdul Karim congratulated the newly-elected student council members and also urged them to take responsibility with commitment and integrity.

Student leaders

The student leaders are Joseph Mathew Jinoy (head boy), Falaqul Thahira (head girl), Mohamed Izyan (assistant head boy), Laiqa Maryam Salman (assistant head girl), Afaaf Shiyas (sports captain), Fathima Mayaza (student editor) and Lakshmi Priya (arts secretary).

Other members in the student council are Alphin Johnson (Emerald- captain), Sera Kuriakose (Emerald – vice-captain), Areej Shiyas (Ruby – captain), Abdul Razack Faizal (Ruby – vice-captain), Mohamed Hamza Hashmi (Sapphire – captain), Zayba Niyas (Sapphire – vice-captain), Shama Nayeem Kundapur (Topaz – captain), Mohamed Azhed Faheem Safdar (Topaz- vice-captain), Sidra Shameer (Emerald – prefect), Mohamed Aslam Safeek (Emerald – prefect), Ian Alexander Mathew (Ruby – prefect), Fadwa Mohamed Saleem (Ruby – prefect), Navaneedh Naveen (Sapphire – prefect), Fazalur Rahman Siddiqui (Sapphire – prefect), Ratika Raikhy (Topaz – prefect) and Ahenna Aralayil (Topaz – prefect).

Head Boy, Joseph Mathew Jinoy, delivered the acceptance speech. A vote of thanks was proposed by Assistant Head Boy Mohamed Izyan.

The event was coordinated by Saleem, Sajudheen, Zeba, Anu Manoj, Hasmiya and Shahanas.

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