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DOHA: The Class of 2021 at Qatar Academy Sidra (QAS) is celebrating the results of their International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma Programme, which were announced globally this month.

The results for QA), which is part of Qatar Foundation’s (QF) Pre-University Education, revealed that the average score for its students was 35.2 points, which was higher than the global average, with some students scoring as high as 40 points.

All those who applied for the qualification passed with a perfect score and two-thirds of all students received a bilingual diploma.

QAS Director Dr Carolyn Mason Parker said: “Students have faced new situations over the last 18 months. QAS graduates have risen to the challenges of learning in the midst of a pandemic. We congratulate them on their excellent performance. We are proud of their contributions to our school community and eager to hear how they will continue to be future changemakers.”

Variety of universities

The students are now preparing to attend a variety of universities around the world, including Georgetown University in Qatar, the University of Reading in the UK; the University of Edinburgh in the UK; the American University of Cairo in Egypt; the University of Toronto in Canada; the University of California San Diego in the US; McGill University in Canada and the University of Amsterdam in the Netherlands.

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