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DOHA: Residents who are currently in the State of Qatar, who wish to travel and return, will automatically receive an exceptional entry permit upon departure, the Government Communications Office (GCO) has said, in an amendment to Qatar’s travel policy as part of the gradual lifting of Covid-19 restrictions.

The resident or their employer will be able to print the exceptional entry permit from the Ministry of Interior’s website at any point after the resident has departed Qatar.

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Requests will no longer need to be submitted through the Qatar Portal website and the permit will be available automatically upon registration of the resident’s departure from Qatar, the GCO said.

At the same time, the automatic exceptional entry permit service will not be available for residents who are currently outside the State of Qatar.

They are still required to obtain the exceptional return permit via the Qatar Portal website if they wish to return to the State of Qatar.


The quarantine period will be for one week only after arrival in the country, regardless of destination. Home quarantine will be applied to those coming from countries on the Ministry of Public Health’s Green List.

Hotel quarantine is mandatory for those coming from countries that are not included in the Green List.

The quarantine period for those who use shared quarantine facilities will be two weeks. The decision is based on national and international epidemiology statistics.

Based on these new procedures, a Covid-19 test will be conducted for those returning from travel upon arrival to the country in the event they haven’t had a test within 48 hours before travelling to Doha by one of the Ministry of Public Health’s accredited Covid-19 testing centres.

Then a second test will be conducted on the sixth day from the date of arrival. The status on the Ehteraz application remain yellow until the end of the seventh day from the date of arrival.

These decisions will come into effect starting next Sunday, 29 November.