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DOHA: Bahrain is refusing entry to Qatari citizens, especially families, through the King Fahd Causeway border despite a resolution to the Gulf crisis that has paved the way for opening of borders and the movement of people from one side to the other, several people have said on Arabic social media.

The Bahrain action has triggered surprise and concern and is being hotly discussed on social media in Qatar, as it comes close on the heels of the Al Ula agreement which has brought the Gulf crisis to an end.

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Sources also said the denial of permission to Qatari citizens to enter the country has official sanction, which means Manama is blatantly violating the terms of the Al Ula agreement.

The families were told that they must apply for online visa to enter the country as per the country’s regulations.

Bahrain boats

Manama’s action comes as its boats continue to deliberately stray into Qatari waters, while at the same time falsely accusing Qatar of highhandedness and violation of Gulf agreements.

“Bahrain’s contradictory actions continue. Qatari citizens are prevented from entering Bahrain through its official ports at a time when Bahrain is demanding that its sailors be allowed to encroach Qatar’s territorial waters to catch fish and considers it a crime against humanity if Qatar stops them (the boats),” a Qatari citizen tweeted.

Reacting to the incident, the Assistant Undersecretary for Ports in Bahrain, stated that there was no objection to citizens of the State of Qatar entering the Kingdom of Bahrain, as they were allowed to do so for humanitarian reasons.

“But Qatari citizens were prevented from entering at the King Fahd Causeway border as they didn’t follow the required procedures, which is to obtain approval by registering their names on the website.”