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DOHA: A campaign to boycott French products in Qatar has gathered momentum with more outlets and companies joining the drive.

The campaign, which started on Friday, is in response to incitements against the Islamic religion and Muslims and insulting statements against Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) in France.

The outlets which have removed French products and services in Qatar include New Indian Supermarket and Retailmart Hypermarket, Al Rawnaq, Qatar Shopping Complex in Al Markhiya, Souq Al Baladi in Abu Hamour and Al-Wajba Factory. More supermarkets and other companies are joining the drive.

Local delivery apps Snoonu and QTamween have announced that they too would join the drive.

In Kuwait, the Alnaeem Cooperative Society, a large series of supermarkets in the Gulf state, said it will remove all French products from the shelves. Several trade groups in the country such as the Suburb Afternoon Association, Eqaila Cooperative Society and Saad Al Abdallah City Cooperative Society published photos showing French products being removed from their shelves.

Arab activists have launched several social media campaigns for the boycott of all French products, using several hashtags as (#boycottfrance #boycott_French_products #ProphetMuhammad).

Reacting to the public mood, Al Meera, the largest supermarket chain in Qatar with 52 branches, said that it has withdrawn French products from all its branches.

The boycott campaign across the Arab world follows the killing of French teacher Samuel Paty by an 18-year-old student from Chechnya, over caricatures of Prophet Mohammad (PBUH).

Most Arabs, including people in Qatar, have condemned the heinous killing, but oppose France’s crackdown on mosques and the Muslim community following the murder.

Macron also angered Muslim communities when he said Islam is “in crisis” across the world. In response, Muslims launched a virtual campaign to condemn France’s approach against Islam.

Two French Muslim women, wearing hijab, were stabbed near the Eiffel Tower in a racist incident after the history teacher’s murder.

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