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DOHA: The Court of Appeal has ordered an employee to pay QR 1.3 million to the company for overstaying in the company accommodation even after she was terminated from her job.

The verdict was given by a panel of judges headed by Judge Abdullah Al- aadi. The court dismissed the plea of the employee that she was entitled to the accommodation and she was continuing to work with the company, the local Arabic media reported.

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The company had approached the court demanding the employee be evicted from the housing and she pay compensation for using the accommodation for many years even after being removed from her job.

Earlier, the Court of Cassation, which heard the case, had referred it to the Court Appeal, which made the final ruling.

The employee was asked to pay QR9,000 for each month during the years 2014 and 2015 and QR10,800  for the subsequent period and until the date of evacuation.