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DOHA: Producing a vaccination certificate to board an aircraft would be the new norm as Covid-19 fears persist, Qatar Airways Group CEO Akbar Al Baker has said.

Speaking to BBC World, Al Baker said that a vaccination certificate would be required not only to fly but a lot of countries would demand this before allowing travellers into their territories.    

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“I think it will be a joint ICAO, IATA and WHO project, to introduce a safe pass for people whose vaccination certificates would be recognised internationally,” Al Baker said.

2019 levels

He also said air travel was unlikely to return to 2019 levels in the foreseeable future until and unless science answers all questions that people have about this pandemic or until the effect of the vaccination if fully understood.

“Nothing is more costly than to look at the interest of our passengers and our crew, to protect them from this pandemic. We invest to look after them and at the same time to give them the confidence that they can travel on Qatar Airways,” he said.

Talking about Qatar Airways’ plans beyond the pandemic, Al Baker said the airline would not go back on its orders of new planes from Boeing and Airbus.

“We will continue to take every single aircraft that we have ordered from both the manufacturers, because in Qatar Airways, we are very prudent in the way we place our aircraft orders and our requirements.”