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DOHA: An Indian expatriate who was shot in Doha by his employer during an argument over leave was discharged from hospital on Saturday and is being provided all help by the Qatari authorities and the Indian Embassy, sources told The Doha Globe.

Haider Ali (35), who works as a welder and hails from Bela Village in East Champaran district of the eastern Indian state of Bihar, was reportedly shot in the face on 29 October.  He was booked to fly to India the next day but instead was admitted with injuries to Hamad General Hospital.

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The incident was widely reported in Indian media.

“We were alerted about the incident via Twitter and immediately tried to trace the person through our community sources. He was in ICU when an embassy official visited him, but is now out of danger,” an embassy official told The Doha Globe.

“Mr Haider is reportedly out of danger and the embassy, with the support of Qatar authorities, is extending support and is in touch with the family as well,” the embassy tweeted later.

“By the time we contacted the Qatari authorities to report the incident, the culprit was arrested,” the embassy official said.

“We are receiving excellent cooperation and all help from the Qatari authorities, which is normally the case. Also, this is a gruesome and unfortunate incident which doesn’t happen usually, and is the first such case during my tenure in Doha, in the past one-and-a-half years,” the embassy official added.

Speaking to India Today, Haider’s brother Afsar Ali, who is pursuing his PhD in the southern Indian state of Kerala, said they first learned of the incident through a family member in Doha and later was contacted by an embassy official in Doha.

“My brother was shot point-blank by his sponsor. My father is a heart patient and is in shock. Haider has six children – five girls and a boy. His wife and the kids are in shock,” he said.

He continued, “I first got a call from my cousin Javed who also works in Doha who told us what happened. Later, Dhiraj Kumar, ASO Community and Welfare at the Indian Embassy in Qatar, also called and informed us of the incident. He assured us of all help and that he would keep us informed.”

Haider was in critical condition but was discharged on Saturday.

He had been working as a welder for the past six years in Doha and also worked at the residence of his employer. He had not visited home since 2018.

He is the sole breadwinner of the family.

“Incidents like this only tend to tarnish our image when Qatar is doing excellent work on every front. This must be treated as an isolated incident and should not be blown out of proportion. I am sure the authorities will do the right thing,” said a Qatari national who did not want to be named.

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