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DOHA: Gulf states have decided to link the Covid-19 health apps of their respective countries to share information and facilitate travel by citizens and residents, a senior health official has said.

The linking of the app is seen as a major step towards facilitating travel between the GCC states as new Covid-19 infections fall in the region due to vaccination and other preventive measures.

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The linking would also help simplify and smoothen procedures for citizens and residents wanting to visit other Gulf countries.

Speaking to Qatar TV, Dr Yousef Al Maslamani, Medical Director of Hamad General Hospital, said that an agreement has been signed by health ministers of Gulf countries at a recent meeting to link the apps to facilitate traffic and entry and exit through ports in light of the coronavirus crisis.

“Work has started on the technical issues related to the project and all aspects are being studied, including the legal requirements. It will be implemented step by step once the process is complete,” Al Maslamani said.

The Covid-19 health app of Qatar is called `Ehteraz’, while the UAE has ‘Alhosn UAE’ and Saudi Arabia has the `Tawakkalna’ app. Apps of other countries are ‘Tarassud’ for Oman, ‘Shlonik’ for Kuwait and ‘BeAware’ for Bahrain.

Al Maslamani also said several new features have been added to the Ehtetaz app. such as information about Covid-19 tests and infections.

For recovered people, the revised version of the app will show the recovery date, the date of infection and the number of days after the infection.

He said the number of cases has been decreasing due to the community’s commitment to preventive measures and the high rate of vaccination and expected cases to fall further which will lead to the further lifting of Covid-19 restrictions.

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