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DOHA: The Health Control Section of the Doha Municipality seized 140 kg of rotten meat unfit for human consumption from a restaurant in the Old Airport area during an inspection, QNA reports.

The discovery of the rotten meat led to a series of raids and seizure of another 5,872 kg of frozen meat and fish at various warehouses.

The inspection at the restaurant in Old Airport Area was conducted on Thursday.

Following an investigation to identify the source of the meat and the name of the supplying company, the municipality formed a team of inspectors to raid 14 warehouses and refrigerators belonging to the company in the Industrial Area, where they seized 5,872 kg of frozen rotten meat and fish. 

The inspectors also found that the company used transportation means not designated for transporting frozen food.

The inspectors issued several reports for violating Law No. 8 of 1990 regulating the control of human food and took legal measures against the violator.

Inspectors destroyed the seized items in a proper way.

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