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DOHA: Jordanian trucks carrying goods could soon enter Qatar as discussions are currently underway with Doha to get permission for Jordanian trucks and refrigerators to enter the country, Jordan’s Minister of Transport Marwan Al Khaitan has said.

In a Facebook post on the ministry’s account, Al Khaitan said talks are also being held with Saudi Arabia to persuade the latter to lift restrictions on the movement of Jordanian trucks inside the country, Al Sharq has reported.

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He said Jordan allowed Saudi trucks to enter Jordan and deliver goods to their final destination, allowing them to be loaded on the return trip.

Boosting trade

Jordan wants to make use of the Gulf reconciliation deal to boost trade with the Gulf countries through land borders in addition to air exports.

“Jordan is in talks with all its brothers in the Gulf region to remove all obstacles facing the movement of goods and wants to activate the land transport agreements it signed with all countries,” Al Khaitan said.

He said Oman has already agreed to remove restrictions on the entry of Jordanian trucks into the country after talks with the Omani government.

Al Khaitan said that relations between Jordan and the GCC countries are “distinguished, and this is what is observed from the continuous cooperation between the brothers, as we have seen the speed of response and keenness to restore the movement of transport and trade and strive to overcome all obstacles and provide the necessary facilities.”