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DOHA: More than 5,000 CVs are now available on the Labour Re-employment Platform launched by Qatar Chamber for companies that are looking to hire new employees.

The Labour Re-employment Platform has become immensely popular with companies looking to hire new employees and people who are looking for new opportunities after losing jobs.

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“Companies are now able to request the Ministry of Administrative Development, Labour, and Social Affairs (MADLSA) for re-employment and exactly find their expected candidates,” says Qatar Chamber website.

The platform was launched by the Chamber in cooperation with the Ministry last July to link up companies, looking to hire, and job seekers.

Thousands of companies have already registered their names on the platform. They are now advertising their ads on the portal and visitors are free to send and share these ads with friends and relatives, thus widening their reach.

Meanwhile, Qatar Chamber (QC), in collaboration with MADLSA, recently announced that they have improved the ‘Labour Re-employment Platform’, Qatar News Agency reports.

The platform has been updated to be an inclusive electronic gateway which is available for all companies. It also includes an electronic linking between the Ministry and QC to further streamline the platform’s mechanism of work, a joint statement said.

According to this update, companies that are looking for hiring new employment can login to the platform to register and fill in the required information. The application will be then Under Review. Meanwhile, the application will be forwarded to the Ministry which will verify the companys data, then an email will be sent to the company stating that the application is Approved and thereby the company will be able to review resumes of candidates to select the appropriate employment. After the company shortlists candidates, it will receive a link to accomplish procedures of changing the workplace.

Following the completion of the procedures with the Ministry and the transfer of employment to a new company, the Ministry and through the Joint Commission will notify the Chamber of the names of the workers who have moved to a new company to remove them from the platform.

If the application is rejected due to violations made by the company, an email will be sent to the company stating the reason of disapproval and requesting the company to solve any issues so that it can benefit from the platform.