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DOHA: The Ministry of Public Health (MoPH) has administered 70,000 doses of Covid-19 booster shots, according to Hamad General Hospital Medical Director Dr Yousef Al Maslaman.

Speaking to Qatar TV, he stressed no serious complications from the booster doses. He said: “No one was admitted to hospital or died because of taking the Covid-19 booster shot. Since the emergence of the pandemic, we are transparent in providing accurate health information to people.”

Yousef Al Maslamani

He added: “The MoPH is the only reliable source of information about Covid-19 in the country, so the people should take any health-related information from it and not depend on rumours on social networking sites or other places.”

Scientific research

Al Maslamani emphasised Qatar approved booster shots on the basis of scientific research, as antibodies against Covid-19 start decreasing six months after the second dose of the vaccine. 

“Some fully-vaccinated people were infected by the virus, but were not sick like those who were not vaccinated. Therefore, we recommend people to take the third dose, so they develop additional antibodies,” said Al Maslamani.

Responding to a question on travel, he said: “We ensure protection of society by following precautionary measures such as masks and social distancing in addition to vaccination. Since there are third and fourth waves of Covid-19 spreading in the world, we do not want you to travel to another country without taking the booster dose.”

“We do not restrict people from travelling abroad due to not taking the third dose, but rather motivate and encourage people to take the third dose,” he said.

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