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DOHA: The population of Qatar shrank by 121,318 people in the one-year period from February 2020 till February 2021, Planning and Statistics Authority (PSA) figures show.

The population has been witnessing a steady decline in the past one year due to the travel and visa restrictions imposed due to Covid-19 in Qatar and all over the world.

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The population fell from 2,782,106 in February, 2020, to 2,660,788 in February 2021.

However, the sharpest decline was in the past nine months, when the population fell by 147,000 people, from 2.807 million in May, 2020 to 2,660,788 in February this year.

The latest statistical report also said the male population in Qatar stands at 1.90 million and 750,910 females.

The population figures indicate the number of people, both Qataris and expats, who are inside the country and do not include those who have travelled.

The population figures for the past nine months are 2.79 million in June, 2.74 million in July, 2.73 million in August, 2.72 million in September, 2.717 million in October, 2.715 million in November, 2.68 million in December and 2.66 million in January.

The decline in population is due to Covid-19. Several companies have not been able to recruit staff from abroad due to coronavirus and new projects and expansions, too, have been affected by the pandemic.

A growth in population is considered essential for several sectors of the economy like real estate and retail.