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DOHA: Registration for new admissions at private schools and nurseries starts today (Monday), the Ministry of Education and Higher Education has said.

The registration will continue until 14 October, 2021.

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The Ministry has advised parents to choose the educational system that suits their children. Each educational system has a set of different requirements for admission.

The student’s age is the main factor used for determining the academic level into which the student must be placed, the Ministry said in a press statement.

Hamad Al Ghali, Director of the Private Schools Licensing Department (PSLD), said that according to the circular communicated to private schools and preschools, registration will open from Monday, 1 March, and will run through Thursday, 14 October 2021.

Registration of overseas students, however, will remain open until the end of January 2022. Each school shall determine its own mechanism for registration in accordance with the Ministry’s laws and regulations.

Al Ghali said that Qatar has more than 325 private schools and preschools offering 30 different curricula, which provide a wide variety of options for parents.

Online services

He called on parents to avail of the online services that the Ministry provides for private education sector on its Public Services Portal.

Al Ghali said the PSLD has prepared a database of all private schools and preschools and made it available on the Ministry’s website.

He said parents can access the portal to obtain the latest information about private schools and preschools in Qatar.

Parents can get important information about their preferred schools, including the educational and organizational plan, tuition fees, curriculum, licensed stages, international accreditations, school calendar, exams, contact numbers and various activities according to each school type (national/international/community, etc.).

Al Ghali said the PSLD received 38 applications to open new private schools for 2021-2022 academic year. Of those, 21 applications were for schools teaching British curriculum, 11 for American curriculum, three for Indian curriculum, two for the national curriculum and one for Tunisian curriculum.