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DOHA: Several Qatari citizens, led by prominent Qatari writer and journalist Jaber Al Harami, have demanded action, on social media, against a woman who they said presented herself as a ‘Qatari at a scandalous festival’.

The woman, Abir El Ali, who was scantily clad, participated in the ‘Master Women’s Bikini +40 years’ bodybuilding competition held in Lebanon and won first prize.

The incident has caused a furore on social media and angered Qataris, with several of them demanding action against the woman.

The news was also reported by BBC Arabic.

Al Harami said in an angry tweet: “The concerned authorities in Qatar must prosecute the woman who presented herself as a Qatari at a scandalous festival to display bodies and also must take action against the organiser who claimed Qatar’s participation and played the Qatari national anthem at the event, even if this scandalous festival was held outside Qatar.”

 “Qatar and its women are too pure and honourable to participate in such events,” he added.

Al Watan, an Arab-American news website, said in a report that a fitness trainer living in Qatar posted a video of her in a bikini on her Instagram page.

The clip shows her being honoured during a women’s bodybuilding competition in Lebanon.

In the clip, the Qatari anthem is heard and the woman is presented as a Qatari.

However, many Qatari tweeters denied she was Qatari. Some said the participant was a Lebanese-American living in Qatar.

Writer Abdulaziz Abdullah said: “There is something strange. It turns out that the participant is Lebanese-American and lives in Qatar and is a trainer.”

The authorities, however, have not commented on the issue.

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