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DOHA: The Sudanese Community Council has welcomed the announcement of US President Donald Trump intending to remove Sudan from the US list of State Sponsors of Terrorism (SST).

Council spokesman Ayman Hamza said: “Sudan paid a stiff price as a result and consequences of putting Sudan on this list over the past three decades and that affected the Sudanese people massively and their reputation among the people of the world.”

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Hamza said: “We have to pay an amount of $335 million to the US as compensation for American victims of past terrorism acts to remove the name from the list. “

He added: “Meanwhile, we suffer scarcity of bread, petrol and gas, but despite this, Sudan’s return to its normal state among nations and the international community remains the highest priority in the current time.”

He stated: “Over the past three decades, our people suffered a lot due to these sanctions as foreign banks and the IMF refuse to deal with Sudan, in addition to the accumulation of debts, the ban on technology and the import of spare parts for airplanes, ships, railways and other industries.”

Gold resources

Sudanese Prime Minister Dr Abdalla Hamdok has said Sudan would be able to pay the amount by exporting Sudan’s gold resources. “I congratulate the Sudanese people for this great and well-deserved achievement,” stated Hamdok at the beginning of a televised speech on Monday.

He added: “The removal of Sudan from the list of countries sponsoring terrorism opens the door to reinforce and confirm the deserved return of Sudan to the international community.”

For Hamdok’s transitional government, this is a great achievement as the news has come at time where Sudan’s inflation rate is raging at 200 per cent.

Hamza said: “We offer our congratulations to the coming generations of the Sudanese community in Qatar and to all Sudanese people. We look for a better tomorrow in which we see a strong and recovering nation.”