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DOHA: Tomato prices have shot up in the local market due to a shortage caused by a fall in imports, traders have said.

Supermarkets and neighbourhood stores are selling the vegetable for around QR8 per kg, with some supermarkets even resorting to rationing limiting the sale to 1 kg per person.

“There is definitely a shortage. We are selling for QR7.50 per kg while it was QR4 or QR5 before the shortage. We have no idea when we will get sufficient supplies,” the owner of a supermarket told The Doha Globe.

Traders attributed the fall in supplies to a fall in production in the countries of origin, which led to an increase in prices in the local market.

Tomatoes are imported from India, Iran, Jordan, Lebanon, Morocco, Tunisia and other countries.

However, the shortage is considered to be a temporary phenomenon as the local agricultural season begins in Qatar, which will witness its peak during the month of December.

Meanwhile, reports from India said prices of tomato and onion have increased in the country due to high fuel prices and crop damages in some states.

“The prices of vegetables like tomato and onion have increased in the city’s (New Delhi) wholesale and retail markets owing to crop damages in Karnataka and Maharashtra due to heavy rainfall and high fuel rates,” the Press Trust of India said in a report, quoting local traders.

Traders said prices may rise further in the coming days if the current situation persists.

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