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DOHA: Trade and movement of goods between Qatar and the former blockading countries will start within a week of the signing of the agreement between the two sides, UAE Minister of State for Foreign Affairs Anwar Gargash said on Thursday.

“The resumption of trade and movement of people, according to the Al Ula agreement signed in Saudi Arabia, will be within a week of the signing of the agreement…The crisis cannot be permanent,” he said at a press conference.

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“We have overcome the most important challenges and there is relief in the region and the world at the resolution of this crisis, which is viewed as a quarrel within a family,” Gargash added.

“We have made a very good beginning and turned the page on the crisis with Qatar, but we have to build the confidence,” he added.

Practical measures

He said measures to be implemented within a week of the agreement “include practical measures of airlines, shipping and trade”. However, he said, other issues such as restoring full diplomatic relations would take time given geopolitical issues such as Iran, Turkey and political Islamist groups.

Some issues are easier to fix and some will take time, he added.

Meanwhile, Saudi authorities have begun preparing the Salwa border crossing between the kingdom and Qatar for the movement of people and goods, a Saudi newspaper reported today.

Roads are being cleaned and renovated, lights are being fixed and shops on the route are being given guidelines on implementing the precautions to prevent the spread of coronavirus, Al Ayyam reported.

Salwa port in Saudi Arabia is the land border between Saudi and Qatar and is located in the Al Udeid Governorate in the Eastern Region, and it is about 150 km from Al Ahsa Governorate and 90 km from Doha.

The newspaper pointed out that preparations are being coordinated by the Saudi Ministry of Interior and Ministry of Finance to provide travellers with various services like passport control, customs, police and traffic assistance and civil defence.