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Whenever a major issue comes up that captures public interest, there are conspiracy theories and weird explanations around them. There are some people who revel in weaving conspiracy theories, who avoid information and facts and take refuge in fabricated stories. They glean information that suits their argument and agenda and interpret and reinterpret them to misguide the public. They spread their falsehood everywhere, looking for victims, convincing those who are easy to be convinced and angering those who are looking for truth and are committed to facts.

In the context of Covid-19 pandemic, and because of its direct impact on all of us and the absence of some scientific facts due to the novelty of the disease, the market for conspiracy theorists has been very good, who have been very busy misleading people with so many ‘facts’ that it is difficult for us to research any of the details of the epidemic without coming across these conspiracy theories.

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First, it was said that the US created this virus to eliminate the Chinese, and at other times, it was said that China is spreading it in the world so that it is easier for it to control the world, and then it was said that doctors have confirmed these theories.

Unfounded ‘facts’ and audio and video clips from virus experts told us that there was a global conspiracy to hide the real information about the virus and its spread, and some said the virus is harmless and everything that happens has an economic angle and goals, and some said this is a conspiracy aimed at getting rid of the elderly.

All these experts appear once and if you search for them, you will not find a trace of them again, and after a period of surprise for these theories ends, these people will come with new theories. And now they are doing it about the long-awaited Covid-19 vaccine.

To take another example, in the past few years, there was also a campaign against child vaccination, which began in the United States and spread throughout the world, warning parents against vaccinating their children against dangerous diseases.

This campaign resulted in a return of the diseases that hadn’t existed in many places, such as polio. Scientific research has proved the efficacy of these vaccines, without any doubt, and doctors have said this repeatedly.

There are some factors related to its long-term effects and some side effects that have not been shown in laboratory trials, but we know for sure that no direct damage has been revealed that requires stopping the vaccine or limiting its distribution, and there is no doubt that the companies that produced it are looking for profit. These conspiracy theorists don’t realise that not all of these companies, governments, research centers, and universities can collude to spread a harmful vaccine. There are plenty of facts to prove this, but whoever wants to believe a conspiracy theory will not be convinced.

The danger in these theories is that they are not based on knowledge or facts, and their direct negative impact is clear and known, and we know for sure that avoiding a vaccine may not harm you, as God may protect you from infection. But the success of the global campaign for vaccination against any disease is essential to build immunity and prevent the spread of the disease.

If you want proof, you have thousands of reliable sources of medical and scientific information that you can follow, and dozens of specialists who you can talk to day and night.

God has blessed us with this Covid-19 vaccine, and so do not deprive yourself of its benefits.

We ask God for safety for all.