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I will vote for my cousin. 

I will vote for my neighbour.

I will vote for my best friend’s brother.

I will vote for whom I promised my vote. 

I will vote for those who passed by the majlis and asked. 

I will vote for the one who organises us.

I will vote for anyone if I don’t have a problem. 

Reasons differ, the choices are different, but the result is known. Dear reader, when we take decisions based on emotions, promises, and acquaintances to choose a candidate over another candidate, we can imagine the results we are going to get.

These are examples of how we elect candidates for the upcoming Shura Council elections, where talent and efficiency are not reasons to elect someone. 

One voter finds that it is necessary to choose his neighbour simply because he is a neighbour! Not because the candidate’s electoral programme is the most appropriate and realistic, or because his good image is mentioned everywhere, or because he has a beautiful vision about the development of the society – these are not the reasons for his choice, but only because he is his neighbour and he has the duty to support him and vote for him!! 

There are many able candidates but they may not choose the best, but will choose the closest, and this means that family or tribal connections will be the main influence in the victory.

Candidates may make great efforts to develop their media and promotional plan for their electoral success, and will seek to be clear and comprehensive about everything that concerns the citizens and present it to us. On the other hand, some voters may not look objectively at this effort with scrutiny, appreciation and respect, and so we find that they ignore all those efforts and go directly to the nearest candidate they know and will elect him, and blow up the dream of the competent candidates. 

Sometimes … the neighbour, the friend, the cousin, the owner of shining promises, and others… If their actions do not match their words, do not expect them to improve the standards of the Shura Council.

Dear candidate, you must seriously and diligently develop your plan, electoral programme and in all this, put the interest of the nation in every step you take towards the Council. 

Dear voter, your vote is a responsibility. Don’t waste it.

Sometimes, the one you vote for will forget his promises once he falls in love with the shine of the chair. Remember that.     

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