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THE Covid-19 pandemic has affected everyone in various ways. Ultimately, it’s for every individual to decide how he or she faces this. Those with a positive frame of mind will try to minimize the impact of this crisis both on their mind and body through various ways.

As a classical dance instructor, I wish to share my views on how important physical activity is during a period like this. As the pandemic pressed on, people found innovative ways to come together. One of them is classical dance.

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Dance transcends all barriers and boundaries. This kala (art) has no race, religion, age, or colour. Just the joy of rhythm, which everyone can enjoy. It’s a joy that melds diversities and has the power to bring people together in one voice.

Classical dance has always been used in various ways, be it prayer or celebration.

It is amazing what the virtual world has done for us globally in making the world a smaller place. I think my part of contribution in this crisis has been encouraging people to dance their blues away.

Students who enroll in our Bharatanatyam dance classes do so for various reasons. Many want to make a career in dance, some want to tone their bodies, while others want to get rid of the inhibitions of social dancing and jut have fun.

But one quest binds every student, which is that dance frees the mind and soul.

Physical activity, as in dance, can not only promote chemical balance, but also deepen the mind-body connection.

In the beginning, teaching on an online platform seemed quite strange to me. However, I challenged myself to be in tune with the new system immediately.

Now, everything is perfect and I am able to interact with students without any interruptions just like regular classes earlier.

The response from parents has been inspiring and positive. The online classes also have a few advantages as they provide an opportunity to parents to get involved in classes and know how the teacher is interacting with students, and it’s refreshing for parents also who are passionate about classical dance.