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THESE are tough times. Our lives have gone haywire after the coronavirus hit us. What was previously abnormal has now become normal, and everyone is struggling to cope with the virus in some way or other.

One of the negative fallouts of Covid-19 has been that all of us were forced to remain within the four walls of our homes for a long time. We are now able to move freely, thanks to a fall in the number of new infections in Qatar due to the great planning of the health authorities, which has been praised worldwide.

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But, at the same time, all over the world, Covid-19 has given rise to a new phenomenon. It’s called quarantine. Many people are forced to go into quarantine when they travel or when they come in contact with a Covid-19-infected person.

Quarantine is both a blessing and a curse depending on how we look at it. It’s a blessing if we utilize the time effectively and think positively. It’s a curse if we waste our time by thinking about Covid-19 and all those negative things happening to the world.

Quarantine is actually a test, an endurance test from which we have to emerge successful. There are several things we can do during quarantine. It’s not easy to do these things, because the general tendency is to pass time until it is over, but those who choose to spend the time creatively stand to benefit a lot.

The most important thing is time management; it’s important for making the moments more beneficial. Those who are in quarantine must prepare a specific schedule for sleeping, eating, exercise, reading, watching TV and doing anything which is of interest to them.

The first priority must be health because ‘health is wealth’. Take a balanced diet to make yourself strong. Life’s best happiness comes from within us, from our heart, and it’s the spontaneous internal happiness that makes our outer world so beautiful. So, try to be happy.       

We must also arrange and make the house spick and span, keep everything in apple-pie order because ‘beauty dwells in arrangement’. We must also do physical exercise to make ourselves strong physically and mentally. One’s personality is directly linked to his/her thinking. During quarantine time, there is a tendency for slackness and the consequence is obesity. Women can busy themselves with cooking and discovering new recipes to enhance the ‘taste’ in their lives.

For those who are interested, they can increase knowledge by reading books, all kinds of books, especially survival stories of people who overcame great challenges and hurdles in life.

We can also pursue creative interests like writing blogs and articles on subjects of interest to us. Internet has created a world of opportunities for us to achieve our goals; even employment and earnings can be doubled while in quarantine. This is also the time for working on our favourite hobbies like arts,  calligraphy, dance, drawing, literature, music, painting, photography – or anything we like.

We must also take care of our spiritual and mental health through meditation and breathing exercises which can calm our heart and clear our minds. When practised regularly, it can buffer the effects of stress, which helps improve our immune system very well. They also bring positive qualities like patience, endurance, tolerance and perseverance and these are some very profound and helpful ways to improve the quality of our lives.

We can also use the time for social networking. Connecting with our friends and sharing memories, discussing our personal and private moments, and sharing ideas will bring huge benefits.

We can also overcome stress by taking a break from the news and the social media, by distancing ourselves a little from what’s going on around us and avoid getting overwhelmed. When you’re spending time doing some activity, you’re automatically removing yourself from the barrage of news and social media chaos that can be hard to avoid.

And, when you’re practising self-care, consider not posting it to your favourite social media channels to really give yourself a break from these outlets. It can actually feel empowering.

There are multitudes of things to do during quarantine days. Covid-19 has also opened up new possibilities for us through zoom meetings, webinars and video chats. In short, there are several opportunities to spend the time creatively and effectively.

Those who utilize it well stand to benefit, and those who spend the time just thinking and sleeping will be losers.