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WE ARE all aware that the Covid-19 pandemic was an unexpected and devastating surprise that snuck up on the world. There have been many tragic struggles experienced by people in this time; from deaths of loved ones to skyrocketing unemployment . But there is one issue the pandemic has brought that has not been given enough attention: Its impact on education. One of the many challenges we have been forced to adapt to and overcome is online learning. 

Despite the availability of academic resources, this has been the hardest aspect of the entire experience in my and many young people’s lives. Waking up every morning and having to find the motivation to be productive has been a challenge.

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 The unchanging daily routines had taken a hit on my mental health and I had to learn to overcome strong and overbearing waves of anxiety to be able to get through simple everyday tasks. 

Regardless of my passion for learning and academic overachieving, for a long period of time, I felt as though all my hard work was pointless, the effort I’d put into building myself a better future gone. If you asked, I wouldn’t be able to tell you the source of these feelings, because I myself did not know. 

One of the ways I managed to get through the first few months of quarantine was through managing my time effectively, planning ahead, and including daily activities that made every day slightly different than the one before.

Throughout the week I ensured that I was getting enough exercise, whether it was by going on jogs or doing simple home workouts. In that way, I kept my health from deteriorating as well as changed up my daily routines. 

Moreover, I planned out all my study hours for the upcoming week, and wrote to-do lists to encourage myself into getting things done. This helped me stay on top of my school work as well as acquire the grades I wanted.

Having a schedule that I came up with and stuck to gave me a sense of responsibility and motivated me to work even harder. My education and future have always been my top priority, and I willed myself not to lose sight of that. 

Most importantly, I allowed myself to have bad days without beating myself up, knowing that the next morning I would get up and make the most of every minute. As perfect as everyone may try to be, we are all human, and we all stumble across the road sometimes.

This pandemic was not easy on anyone, but it allowed us to reflect on how we’ve been spending our days, and whether or not that’s how we wanted to continue. 

Despite the never ending overflow of daily challenges that came with online school and social distancing, I have taken the extra time I’ve spent at home to self reflect and reprioritise everything that is of true importance to me. I have realised that life is unexpected and cannot be planned. 

We need to pause every once in a while, take the time to cherish our loved ones, and invest in the things that make us happy. The silver lining may have been thin and well-hidden, but when I managed to find it, I found myself happier and healthier than ever.