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“In a world where you can be anything: Be kind. Be joyful. Be positive. Be yourself.

I don’t remember when and where I came across these words, but I can assure you, the moment my eyes saw them and my mind read them, my heart captured them. Yes, that’s the power of words.

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Words can act as a silver lining in your cloudy days, and also bring torrential rain in your normal life. The power of words is magical. Motivational words can heal you; harsh words can cause you agony, and you feel disgusted listening to gross and crass words.

And the same goes with the speaker. You feel respect for all those who motivate you, and carry resentment against those who shower you with harsh words and get a feeling of disgust for those using disgusting words. Yes, you may feel cool and heroic and trendy when you hear those gross words (I believe I do not have to list them; just for your information, some ‘f’ words are leading the list). You may feel extremely tempted to use them when talking to your friends. The problem is, these gross words slowly seep into your mind, overpowering your personality, leading to muddying your outlook and the worst is that you remain oblivious to its impact while this process goes on.

My question is, why do you have to use these words when you have better ones in your word bank? Why do you have to fall into the pit of ruining your outlook by carrying the negative energy around you always? Those words will definitely not help to build an aura of positivity.

Dear readers (largely addressed to the student community), understand the power that lies within you, realize the potential that flows in your blood, and respect the mind and energy you have been blessed with. Just like you are mindful of what you eat, be mindful of what you speak. I doubt anyone will wish to feed oneself with poison, knowing its devastating effect. Then why feed your mind with such words? I say mind because all that is articulated originates and ends in mind.

In this world, when you can be anything, be yourself, and be the personality which transmits good vibes, encourages others, touches hearts and spreads a smile, not a frown.

And, when you can do that for others, why do you have to be harsh on yourself?

So, take time to introspect and understand who you are and what magic you can create with the words that you use.

Remember, it is the way you speak and what you speak that defines you, not your grades, not your proficiency in any subject, not any scholarly badge, and not achievements and accolades.

Let’s all make our contributions, big or small, in refining and redefining the language around us, and be responsible individuals, passing ‘f’ for ‘fantastic’ to the next generation and not what your mind just thought.

(The author works at the Faculty of English at DPS Modern Indian School)