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Online/home schooling was something I have always wanted to try. The whole idea of waking up in the morning, not having to worry about a thing, taking your time, and doing your work on what-so-ever device without even having to get out of bed seems blissful to me. I remember how mesmerised and fascinated I would be if anyone mentioned that they were homeschooled. Never have I thought of experiencing this dream until the news hit me.

Due to Covid-19, the Ministry of Education announced that study was to be suspended and online schooling shall be carried out. Could this possibly be? I wondered. Days rolled by and it finally was the time we logged into our classrooms. I was a mess. I struggled to keep up with all the assignments they gave. I lost marks. I was not able to enter my live sessions on time. Everything was scattered all over the place. Stress hit me, and I could not take it. I could not handle it. However, one fortunate day I decided to figure this out, illuminate this wreck, start all over, and I did. Gradually I worked my way through the burning fire of anxiety and pressure.

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Now, as we’ve had more than a year of online learning, I have had many thoughts on the entire process, marking the one and only conclusion my opinions lead me to. Studying at home had me open a third eye; it got me viewing the place we call the ‘internet’ in an astonishing way. Online schooling taught me numerous skills that I once lacked; it taught me how to mark deadlines on my own. It also acquainted me and other students with technology.

So much has been happening lately, taping a smile on my face. There are so many reasons to why I love this online learning thing. Situations where I am dumbfounded and clueless about my surroundings. Sometimes lost in thought. Yet once I am conscious again, everyone bursts into laughter. Live sessions got me to realise, even in the most negative states, there is always a way to lighten up the atmosphere.

Along with that, tricking your teacher into leaving the live chat is a classic. It works every time except for the IT teacher, always one step ahead of us!

To my surprise, teachers are more lenient in online classes. Aside from the fact that we are somehow given more time to turn in our homework, they technically do not tend to punish us. I sent in my homework three days past the due date, not on purpose, though. I do not know whether the teacher decided not to make a big deal out of it or she just accepted the fact that she really could do nothing about it. I still got it marked, though. I am not saying do not do your homework, I mean it is kind of fun thinking about how they threatened us with their most intoxicating weapon, “Detentions”, however, now it comes to no use. Here is an imaginary example:

Teacher: “Put your phone down and listen.”

Student: “Pfft, what are you going to do? Give me a ‘detention’?”

You know, I feel pity for them. Giving detentions and watching students miss their breaks in despair was their glee. They thrived off the misery in our eyes, smiling in satisfaction. It was the only thing that kept them going throughout the day. Our sorrow was the sugar to their coffee. To be honest, I kind of miss detentions. It was always a good excuse to not going outside.

Apparently, online schooling is not liked by everyone. Children sit in their rooms all week, doors locked, with their phones, laptops and IPads. Not that I am complaining or anything, I love the new rule of ‘have your phone 24/7 for “studying” ’. Lock me up in my room. Starve me to death. I will not mind, as long as I have my phone. It is mostly parents who are objecting to the new academic institution. Though, what can we do? After all, it is the only choice we have to “study” during these dangerous times.

Now, as we all got the experience of homeschooling, I am more appreciative than ever. I am grateful for being in an outstanding school. Being a part of ‘An International Community of Learners Striving for Excellence and Celebrating Success’.

Despite the alarming conditions we are all put in, our teachers are working with a great deal of effort in order to help us learn. They constantly update us with new lessons, always putting us ahead of them, making sure we understand. Yet, they still manage to goof around, telling us to keep safe and wishing us the best of luck. They assist, enhance and prepare us in order to lead the next generation.

In conclusion, my personal experience of online studying was sensational. Even though coronavirus had us all locked up in our houses, terrifying and killing us, it made me realise how my life is led in such ease. It is because of such a pandemic that I was finally able to cross out the dream of being homeschooled, such a relief.

I am glad I was able to recognise the prosperity I am in. I hope coronavirus will soon disappear; hopefully, we will manage to find the cure before it is too late. One last word, “Stay safe, and cheer up those who are around you because no matter how negative the circumstances can be, there is always a way to make a heart smile.”