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MANY students want to study abroad for a better career, but those who have done so will tell you that it wasn’t easy. Studying abroad is one of the most difficult decisions a person can take because this involves plenty of sacrifices and challenges, the most important of which are self-reliance, the language challenge and cultural adjustments. But at the same time, it moulds you into a better person.

I am studying in the UK and would like to share with readers the reason for choosing this country and how this whole experience has been enriching and has shaped my thinking and perspectives.

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I chose to study abroad due to the high number of prestigious university disciplines available, especially in my subject of interest – the production of films and television. To be eligible for scholarship, there are certain conditions and criteria you must fulfill, of which knowledge of English was one of the most important.

I do not want to hide from you the fact that before getting the scholarship, I was not good at English because I didn’t find a reason and incentive to learn it. In Qatar, Arabic is the main language and all the classes at schools from the first grade until the high school are in Arabic, especially in government schools. There is an English module, but they teach you only the basics of the language. But after I decided to study abroad, I forced myself to learn the language, and the results, thank God, have been excellent.

The knowledge of English and the ability to converse in the language fluently equips you to face the wider world with enthusiasm and confidence.

Living on your own

There are many other challenges you will face when you study abroad.

One of the biggest is the challenge of living alone. After a life of comforts, in which everything was done for you, you suddenly shift to a life where you have to rely on yourself for everything, such as cooking and paying bills such as electricity, water and apartment rent. You must attend classes on time, respect the laws of the new country, and be familiar with them.

A strict adherence to all these requirements has completely changed me into a better person. A very important skill I acquired in my personal life after going abroad is the skill of looking for information in professional ways (research), as studying in the British educational system is mainly based on research and academic writing.

In the beginning, I did not have the skill of academicresearch and didn’t know how to search, how to find the best sources, identify what sources are reliable, and much more. To develop this skill, there is a year called foundation year at the university and this year literally will teach you all of that and will prepare you for the next years.

In conclusion, studying and living abroad is beneficial in many ways and even if someone doesn’t find it beneficial, it will not be harmful. You learn patience, rules of adaptation, and responsibility.

Getting out of your comfort zone itself is a huge learning experience with several positive lessons. Choosing Britain turned out to be the best decision I have made because it changed me to a better person.