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COVID-19 IS known for upending and wrecking our lives. But this global pandemic, and the lockdown it has caused, has a positive fallout, too. Across the world, it has given a fresh impetus to family bonds in a way not seen before.

For the first time, in a long time, parents and kids, and even grandparents, have been forced to spend a lot of time together under the same roof, round the clock. Though this is an enforced togetherness, it has strengthened relationships, whose impact will last for years.

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Also, most couples working from home due to the pandemic forged stronger relationships between them and could communicate with each other at their own pace and space. Moreover, parents got plenty of time to spend with their children, which is a miracle considering our fast-paced life.

Staying at home helped us to indulge ourselves in a number of activities with our children. Some couples made a list of chores and divided responsibilities and duties between them, and all this has enriched family life.

At the same time, we need to analyse the negative impact of Covid-19 as it has added to the existing challenges. Parents face increased worries and concerns about their children ‘s wellbeing, especially about their studies and emotional development. Children at home have fewer chances of interaction with their peer groups which makes them more stressed.

In this case, parents must lead by example; we must prioritize managing our own stress, tolerating greater uncertainty and engaging in self-care activities like exercise, good sleep, hygiene and relaxation and this expands our capacity to respond calmly. This will show children that they too can manage stress and related challenges with proper planning. 

In these strange and difficult times, it’s also worth considering additional ways to protect our relationships and solve the relationship problems this virus has created. We must stay connected with our phones and computers, which is more important for our mental health, particularly for people living alone.

We must stay in touch with the elderly who are staying far away from us since we can’t visit them because of restrictions imposed due to the virus. Remember that one day, these constraints will come to an end but, in the meantime, we are going to be physically closer to some and more distant from others.

In order to overcome all this, we all need to talk, listen and care for each other, building on what brings us together and what we want to see in the future. The more connected we are, the more we can help each other to make this isolation less painful. 

We can also find new hobbies and develop positive characteristics such as appreciation, gratitude and tolerance. While people wait for this crisis period to die down, the world that emerges from this will definitely be different.

Once again, it’s time to realise how important relationships are. The love of family can never be replaced as it’s one of a kind. As the saying goes, it is only in the darkest hours that we discover the true strength of the brilliant light in ourselves.

Connecting with those we love re-energises our spirit to keep moving in life. So, let’s stay united and bid farewell to hard times.