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DOHA: As competition heats up for the Shura Council election scheduled for 2 October, several young candidates have intensified their campaign to lure voters.

There are 284 candidates for 30 electoral districts, including 28 women, and many of them are youth who have launched a strong campaign to enter the Shura Council. The Council will have 45 members of which 30 will be elected by the voters and 15 will be appointed by the Emir.

A young candidate Muhammad Hamad Khamis Al-Obaidli from the ninth constituency (Barahat Al-Jufairi), told Anadolu Agency, “Our Qatari society is basically a young society, so we will find among the elected several youth, and there are several issues most of the candidates are talking about in line with Qatar’s vision 2030.”

Al-Obaidli praised the election process, saying that “Qatar is an active state in international politics, and so it was wise for the Qatari leadership to hold the Shura Council election to expand the base of democracy to keep pace with political development, in line with its regional and global role.”

“This is the first real democratic experiment, and we expect the best results from it,” said Muhammad Al-Mulla Al-Jufairi, who is also a young candidate from the ninth constituency.

Al-Jufairi said: “We thank the country’s leadership for giving the people the opportunity to participate and for giving us some of their powers. This is a matter of pride for the people of Qatar and the Arab world, and I am sure that it will be an exampl.”

On the chances of youth being present in the council, he said, “The government in Qatar is a young government, and the support for the youth is high.”

He added, “We don’t know whether the society has sufficient awareness to support the youth… Do the people believe in their role? We are counting on the understanding of the community.”

He continued, “I chose to become a candidate to find out what are the attitudes of society towards young people, and the answer will be in the ballot boxes, as it will show the extent of the presence of young people and the extent of the society’s acceptance of their presence.”

He expressed his belief that “the decisions that will come out of the council will express the views of majority of the society and will solve many problems.”

Jamal Ali Al-Buainain, a young candidate for the 15th district (south of Al-Wakra), told Anadolu Agency, “Young people are the backbone of society and the hope of tomorrow, and their important and fundamental role in our society cannot be neglected.”

Al-Buainain believed that “one of the basic conditions for running for membership in the council is that there should be an influential presence for young people and encourage them to enter the field of politics, as our state believes in the ability of our youth in this historic legislative event.”

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